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Holistic Approach to Revenue Generation

XAmplifier is a proprietary, cloud-based software designed to help businesses build their online reputation, optimize the customer experience, grow digital audiences, and drive marketing insights.

About XAmplifier

XAmplifier is a cloud-based software solution that drives improved customer experience, increases referrals, and sales conversions, and builds digital audiences.

Our mission is to give clients the tools they need to discover their x-factor, improve upon it, and easily broadcast it across the digital landscape.

XAmplifier is committed to helping drive client cultures through meaningful insights and stories. We measure our success through our clients' revenue growth and improved performance.

XAmplifier arrowCustomer Experience Management

  • In-Depth Customer Insights
  • Real-Time Engagement
  • 360° Customer Experience
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Discover what your customers care about, in their words

There’s no need to guess what customers think of your business. XAmplifier conducts customer experience surveys and enables online reviews for your business.

Bring together customer feedback from all channels and touchpoints in one place.

Understand what drives customers to and from your business with easy-to-understand dashboards and analytics, both company-wide and location-specific.

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Respond to unhappy customers and amplify happy ones

XAmplifier makes customer feedback actionable with real-time alerts delivered to the people in your organization best suited to respond to the issue.

Enable your team members to defuse unhappy customers and let XAmplifier turn your happy ones into brand advocates.

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Let XAmplifier guide your organization-wide customer experience

Customer experience is the key differentiator for leading brands and businesses; it is the future for all industries.

The XAmplifier cloud-based platform uses data to help you get to the root cause of customer experience issues, allowing you to improve and innovate your customer experience practices company-wide. 

Understanding your most valuable lead sources is seamless with XAmplifier, giving you the insights needed to increase conversion rates and improve your sales funnel metrics. 

With XAmplifier in hand, your entire staff, from front-line employees to corporate executives are equipped with the tools and information they need to succeed and share the same vision of CX excellence.

Could customer experience protocols be improved at your business?

XAmplifier arrowReview Generation

  • Reviews Where You Need Them
  • Display stars to your PPC listings.
  • Provide Social Proof
Digital Lead Generation

Drive reviews where they are most valuable for a positive image across every market.

XAmplifier determines where online reputation aid is required based on an analysis of your digital footprint.

The software stimulates review yield in identified locations so your brand can be optimized.  Clients have realized over 90% of increases in digital traffic and actions by their customers.

Digital Lead Generation

Drive reviews where they are most valuable for a positive image across every market.

Increase click traffic to your PPC listings and make your brand shine and stand out from competitor listings.

Programs are proven to increase CTRs and drop the cost per lead for paid campaigns by as much as 20%.

Digital Lead Generation

Display reviews on your website and post to social media.

XAmplifier-enabled content allows your website to show up on broader search results with an attractive, genuine star rating.

You can also post reviews to your social media news feeds and automatically reply to these reviews with our operationalized response system.

Do you want more reviews for your business?

XAmplifier arrowMarketing Automation

  • Personalize Your Marketing
  • Intuitive Campaign Management
  • Automate & Analyze
Customer Service Solutions

Powerful segmentation tools for highly tailored messaging

Don’t be thought of as robotic or a spammer. Use customer data and campaign engagement to easily create segments - the foundation of meaningful communication.

Personalize your marketing communication so that they are specific to every one of your customers.

Customer Service Solutions

Create campaigns easily and beautifully

Use our drag and drop interface, HTML (if you’re comfortable with it), or both to create messages just the way you want.

Don’t have time to spend designing? Take advantage of our library of elegant templates. Ensure your marketing communications are always professional and authentic.

Powerful functionality does not need to come with added complexity. Monitor and manage several campaigns with ease through our user-friendly interface and dashboards.

Control security and permissions for each campaign to allow all levels of team members to utilize the platform.

Customer Service Solutions

Powerful segmentation tools for highly tailored messaging

Simple setup - no tedium. Implement Drip campaign marketing. Send reminders.

Notify specific customer segments of promotions. Incorporate customizable upsell and cross-sell communications.

Understand how your campaigns are performing - view a wealth of metrics and measures, such as opens, link clicks, delivery rates, sends, unsubscribes, and much more.

Examine how these engagement measures stack up across devices, inbox providers, ISPs, and geography.

Would you like to simplify your marketing processes?

XAmplifier arrowDirectory Listings Management

  • Optimize Your Digital Presence
  • Expert Implementation
  • Real-Time Control
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Manage your directory listings today with XAmplifier

Your customers will easily be able to find your locations.

We directly integrate with the largest network of search engines, social networks, maps, and apps.

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We manage your directory pages, so you can focus on your customers.

Dedicated XAmplifier personnel will manage the administration of important social and directory pages for clients’ locations.

Our devoted staff will respond to direct questions or comments and alert appropriate client personnel to respond.

We will also recommend the most important pages to monitor, including Facebook Business Listings, Yelp, Healthgrades, and GMB.

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Real-time control for the most accurate listings

We also offer real-time control, so that you can ensure that your listings are accurate at all times.

Enhance your listings and draw in your customers with actionable CTAs right in your listings, displaying what your customers want most at the local level.

Do you want more leads from your Google My Business Panel?

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